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are there any dorms that first years can't stay in?


This is actually a new thing this year, but there is one dorm that only Frances Perkins scholars are living in: Dickinson. All other dorms are open to firsties! North and south Rocky have firstie-only floors for the first time this year too, I do believe.

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What’s the psychological term for liking tea better than people?

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Notes on the Summer’s Farm Work and the Farmerettes::Mount Holyoke College Archives & Special Collections::circa 1914-1918

One hundred years ago today World War I began. During the war years students at Mount Holyoke took on extra responsibilities, taking extra-curricular war emergency courses, conserving resources, and tending the college farm. Some students stayed on campus over the summer to work on the farm, and you can read about their summer here.

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Hey to the sports firstie. If you go to the sports page on the website, you can find out the coach of the team you want to join, and it will have their email listed. Each team has different tryout systems, so just email the coach. Good luck!


High five, answer-person for sportsfirstie!

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is it possible to apply to be a tour guide? can you do it in your first year?


It is possible to apply to be a tour guide, but I think they like applicants to have a little more than a semester of on-campus knowledge and experience under their belts before applying for the post! In the meantime, try signing up to host prospective students instead - you’ll still get to show students around, and you can do that in your very first semester on campus!

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Hihi! I was wondering how I'm supposed to get in contact with sports teams. I know pre season is a thing and I want to be able to try out (I'm a firstie). How do I go about trying out??




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I’m cross-posting this from my Facebook notice of earlier this week, in case any of you tumblr incoming students aren’t in the Class of 2018 group on FB!

So this year, the college and the Dean of Students office is focusing on making Orientation a unique and memorable experience for incoming students, which means something super cool: we’ve invented an Orientation hashtag for y’all to use when you’re posting on any social media site, so that we can corral all these pre-MHC jitters and get to know each other a little better!

The hashtag in question is ‪#‎welcomeMHC14‬ :) Orientation leaders and school staff will be using this hashtag more in the coming weeks (and especially starting around August 20th, when all the Leaders return to campus for training!) but we’re also interested in getting YOUR contribution to the #welcomeMHC14 hype! Post instagram pics of your packing progress (hello, messy bedrooms) or tweet about what you’re most looking forward to this fall when you become full-fledged members of the MHC community on campus.

We’re gonna keep up with y’all on tumblr, twitter, instagram, and facebook as you get psyched to start Orientation in ONE MONTH AND FOUR TWO DAYS!!

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friskywalrus replied to your post “Hey, so i’d like to transfer to mount holyoke in the fall of my junior year and i’d like to know when exactly should i start applying and is it very difficult to get in :/”

Apply early if you want financial aid in transfer! Not necessarily ED if you’re trying other places too, but make sure you make the deadlines.

SFlagg was a transfer to our great alma mater, so she knows what she’s talking about.

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fictionflavoredfantasia replied to your post “Hi I’m an incoming freshie and I’m also a musician! However I wonder about the rules of bringing instruments… I’m a piano player and would like to bring my keyboard along (I have headphones and such), but it’s a bit large and I’m not sure if I’d be allowed to. Do you know anything about bringing instruments?”

There are also pianos in all the dorms. And you can use the practice rooms in Pratt (the music building) if you want to practice after quiet hours.

Thanks, friend!

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For the anon asking about Abbey dorm rooms - OKAY so I stole some photos off my roommate’s FB that she took of her room from last year on the 2nd floor of Abbey. EMILY PLEASE DON’T HATE ME

I posted this to my personal blog but I am TOO LAZY so I’m just gonna reblog it from myself, ignore me, i suck

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welcome to Mount Holyoke where the weather is hot and the students are hotter

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Hi I'm an incoming freshie and I'm also a musician! However I wonder about the rules of bringing instruments... I'm a piano player and would like to bring my keyboard along (I have headphones and such), but it's a bit large and I'm not sure if I'd be allowed to. Do you know anything about bringing instruments?


You can bring anything with you that won’t harm someone or burn down your dorm, so your keyboard will be just fine. If your roommate has an issue with it taking up space, perhaps store it under your bed when not in use and give her meaningful glances when you want a jam sesh. 

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Orientation starts in like a month! I'm scared! And overwhelmed! Any tips for dealing with anxiety once I'm on-campus?


Yes! Definitely! Breathe deeply! Make sure to take time for yourself during Orientation if you’re feeling panicky or out of your depth - just let your Orientation Leaders know and you can go have a lie-down or sit under a tree and just be quiet for a while! The first few weeks will be MADNESS but it’s sort of an organized natural high, if that makes sense - you’ll be hyped up on excitement and anticipation, and if you’re anything like my wildly anxious self you can maintain some distance and comfort while still engaging with your new peers! You will do AMAZINGLY. I will get coffee with you if you’re flipping out and need a break for a while - good luck, and welcome welcome welcome!

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Hi! Is there a clubs fair during the year or should us firsties look on the clubs' website to sign up/state interest?


There’s an Org Fair during the first few weeks you’re on campus! Student orgs will have tables you can learn more about the groups at and sign up to get more information :) 

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When the yellow banana catches the early worm the watch pot never boils correctly. But you can't count all your eggs in one basket after all!


I’m very, very confused.

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