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Mount Holyoke College, MacGregor Dorm



Mount Holyoke College, MacGregor Dorm


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We are Open Gates, a group organizing around the inclusion of trans women in the Mount Holyoke College community.

Currently, this project is supported by Femmepowered, a queer femme org on campus. Femmepowered’s mission includes “the full inclusion of trans women on campus, both in admissions policies and campus cultural attitudes, [as] a vital part of addressing misogyny on campus.”

We hope to grow Open Gates into its own entity so that anyone and everyone who wants to get involved can get involved.

Sunset from the Dwight/Library bridge, Mount Holyoke College

Photo courtesy of A.S. ‘14

Sunset from the Dwight/Library bridge, Mount Holyoke College

Photo courtesy of A.S. ‘14

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View across Lower Lake, Mount Holyoke College

Photo courtesy of A.S. ‘14

View across Lower Lake, Mount Holyoke College

Photo courtesy of A.S. ‘14

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Flowers at Talcott Greenhouse, Mount Holyoke College

Photo courtesy of A.S. ‘14

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For the person who asked about Ultimate, definitely no experience necessary for the Ultimate team! Just a willingness to practice. Look out for us at the org fair at the beginning of the year to sign up.


Cool, friend :)

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Hi I’ve been admitted to MoHo as a transfer and am trying to make up my mind currently. I have heard a number of negative things about the school, concerning the atmosphere and the students, but also heard good things about the quality of education. I have heard that many of the ladies on the campus can be judgmental, particularly of those who enjoy an active social life and drinking, which I do. I’m also very into guys and have heard that going to MoHo means you’re pretty much celibate. I was wondering if you might offer any insight into these rumours? I really, really want to like Mount Holyoke, and am visiting tomorrow but I know campus tours can be misleading.

This is a hard question to address, because I feel like you’re coming at it from a negative perspective already - let’s try to debunk some of this hearsay.

As we live on a relatively quiet/tame campus, there are droves and scores of women and students that leave campus during the weekends and evenings to party, meet people from the other five colleges, and find men to their taste to hang out with. I don’t think there’s a social stigma at all on campus against those who enjoy and active social life and drinking - it’s a college for goodness sake, ninety percent of people on campus are partying and drinking during their free time. 

Another sore spot of mine for question-answering — I can’t speak entirely to this as I’m a queer student on campus, but going to MHC doesn’t mean celibacy like you’ve signed on to Convent life and are going to wear a f***ing nun’s habit. It does mean that you have to be proactiveabout finding male companionship to your specific desires - men come to campus frequently for parties hosted by MHC, and you will have to go off-campus to find men at social functions if the ones you find on-campus don’t suit your tastes. Again, I’m not the most skilled at picking up gentlemen at functions, but there’s by no means some sort of Oath of Sexlessness you take when you send your MHC deposit in. 

The quality of education is amazing. I happen to think the atmosphere and students are also amazing. We have our problems like any college campus - we’re currently engaged in a semester-long dialog on racial and social microaggressions and reform of our administrative policy to better support and engage student opinions, and it’s a big step that’s causing a lot of discussion and debate.

We’re a vibrant, opinionated, freaking brilliant group of humans on a big rectangle of grass in the middle of Massachusetts. It’s up to you to decide if you’d be a good fit here, now that the Admissions office has done its part.

I wish you luck, and congratulations on your admittance into Mount Holyoke College.

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Can you make a post just asking future first years to like it? I wanna reach out to some fellow freshies and make friends yo c:


Yo incoming firsties, like this post. Your classmate commands it.

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OK so I have been out of high school for almost 3 years now (it will be 3 years when I start at MHC this fall). I have done pretty much nothing school related in that time, so I'm now a bit worried about how I will be able to deal with college after all that time. Do you have any suggestions on how I could prepare? Do you think it will be a difficult adjustment? I love your blog btw, you're fantastic!


Thank you! I think you’re pretty fantastic yourself.

I think taking a modest courseload this fall would be smart - I’m sure you’ll be able to pick up that academic grind fine once your’re on campus and get back into the swing of it, but just make sure you don’t overload yourself scholastically your first semester so you have time to re-adjust! Taking a First Year Seminar in fall will help too. I think you’ll adjust just fine! First year is less about immediate academic rigor, I think, and more about the transition period from pre-college to living in this wild academic community. 

You’ll rock it. Just wait!

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I'm a prospective student and I'm committing today! I attended the Accepted Students Program this past weekend and fell in love with MoHo. I agree with what one girl said about other prospies being stuck up and such but the MoHo girls changed my POV.

I’m glad you’re attending this fall! Congratulations and welcome :)

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Answer about the Western Team!

The Western Team competes in the IHSA which has both Western and Hunt Seat. 

For both disciplines a team needs riders of all levels- from those who have been riding and competing basically their entire lives, to those who are brand spanking new (walk-trot/walk-jog requires the rider to have less than 24 weeks of lessons— many in this division their first time on a horse is at try-outs!)

The Western Team is a club sport, so it is not AS competitive as the Eq Team.  
Last I heard- which this may be slightly outdated information- the Western Team accepted just about everyone interested to be part of the team, but did “evaluations” each semester to better determine the more qualified riders per division for competitions. 

The Western Team has a website! As I don’t feel I’m actually super helpful, perhaps their site will be more useful!


Assistant Coach MHC Equestrian Team 

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For the EDII person, the regular decision deadline is May 1st

Thanks, friend :)

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I was the anon asking about you answering questions. I'm sorry if I seemed like I was complaining! I promise I wasn't, I was just wondering if tumblr ate my questions, or if my phone was having some issue submitting them or something. >.< I know you're not official, and I so appreciate your blog!! You have helped me a ton in the last few months. So yeah, thank you and I'm sorry! ❤️


It’s cool it’s cool it’s cool! I’m happy you’re still hangin’ around - I promise tumblr didn’t eat your questions, I’m just slow like a sloth :) Look forward to hearing more questions from you in the future! I’ll get them answered, promise!

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Regarding the AP credits: so if they can only be used like elective credits, then do you have to take intro classes all over again? I am in AP Chinese, so no matter what does that mean I have to spend four years relearning all of it?

Certain professors will let you skip a given class if you’ve already covered the material in AP and they’re satisfied that you can handle the next level without re-taking the one you’re in now. This is done at the discretion of the professor, though, so contacting your Chinese professor to see if you can waive a level or not would be smart!

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Mount Holyoke students eating apples, 1937 :: Mount Holyoke College Archives and Special Collections Digital Images


Mount Holyoke students eating apples, 1937 :: Mount Holyoke College Archives and Special Collections Digital Images

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